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ACE High Pressure Cleaning Services offers a range of pressure washing and cleaning services.

We provide high pressure cleaning services for all residential, commercial, body corporate, and industrial buildings across the Sydney metropolitan area. And as part of this, we take care of:

  • Gutters
  • Driveways
  • Pathways
  • Pool areas
  • Timber fences and decks
  • Retaining walls
  • Tennis courts
  • Building exteriors
Timber Fences Sydney
Recoating Timber Sydney

High Pressure Cleaning

High pressure cleaning is also referred to as power washing or pressure washing. It works with the single focus of helping remove and get rid of any stubborn stains, marks, and dirt from hard surfaces like driveways, paving, gutters, pathways, pool areas, fencing, retaining walls, and tennis courts.

How this works is that water from high-pressure valves is sprayed on to the surface and this in a way helps loosen any stains, dirt, grime, dust, mildew, and/or mould and this leaves the surface looking fresh and brand-new. And high pressure cleaning is undertaken for any residence, body corporate, and spaces in and around industrial and commercial buildings.

The cleaning is undertaken practically only with high pressure water being jetted on to the surface and also other equipment is also used. And practically, no chemicals or cleaning products are even used. If regular high pressure cleaning services is undertaken, we at ACE High Pressure Cleaning Services believe that it definitely increases the longevity of the driveway or paving as it is maintained and cleaned regularly. Not just this, your home or outdoor space looks neat and well-tended to and it gives an overall nice feel to it. And it is said that your property value too increases.

To accentuate your curb appeal, think of high pressure cleaning services.

For a good, reliable, and assured cost-effective facelift of your residence or office space, just go in for power washing.

Exterior house or building washing

Enhance the appeal of your buildings outdoors with high pressure cleaning. It is a fast, easy, and superlative way to keep the exterior of your building in pristine condition. When the exterior surface of your home or building is given a good round of power washing or high pressure cleaning, any dirt, dust, or stains are removed from the surface of the building, irrespective of the material and the building looks like brand new. This in a way is a good way to maintain the building and keep it in good condition.

So, if you want ACE High Pressure Cleaning Services to take care of your building, the eco-friendly way and that is high pressure cleaning, then just reach out to us at anytime.

Timber Fences Sydney
Recoating Timber Sydney

Timber deck cleaning, recoating and re-staining

Timber deck cleaning is basically cleaning any surface or deck that is made of timber or wood. Timber or wood is prone to the natural seasonal changes and over time, if it is not cleaned and maintained well, it is prone to mildew buildup and it also tends to lose lustre and its overall look is also affected.

So if you undertake a deck cleaning, then adding a coating, or re-staining is good as it helps protect the timber and it helps augment the life and quality of the timber. Not to miss, your outdoor deck area looks inviting and alluring and makes for the perfect place to laze around.

At ACE High Pressure Cleaning Services, we will assess the state of the timber deck before carrying out any cleaning, coating, or re-staining work.

Concrete Sealing

Concrete is a permeable surface that is predisposed to dirt buildup, stains, and other damages.

It’s good to seal your concrete!

Concrete sealing is a minor investment considering the time and money spent if you need to go in for new concrete laying or if you have to get the concrete driveway or pathway repaired. Concrete sealers protect the concrete and at the same time has an aesthetic appeal too.

A couple benefits of concrete sealing for driveways and pathways

  • It definitely augments the look of the curb and it wears a neat, clean look
  • The overall appearance dramatically improves
  • The longevity of the concrete surface is definitely extended as this help reduce any chipping, cracking and more
  • Extreme weather conditions will not affect the concrete surface thanks to robust sealing
  • This adds to the overall value of the property
  • The driveway is easier to maintain and clean
  • And most of all, it is mildew and mould-resistant
  • And it is basically easy and an economical way to maintain and protect any concrete surface. All that it requires is experienced personnel
Timber Fences Sydney

As part of our concrete sealing and resealing efforts, depending upon the surface and the extent of work required, we will carry out the sealing work. And in case any coating or recoating is required, we take care of that too.

If you are interested in high pressure cleaning services and sealing for any surface, just touch base with ACE High Pressure Cleaning Services. You may either email us at or give us a call at +61 412422844.

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