ACE High Pressure Cleaner

About us

The services extended by ACE High Pressure Cleaning Services are completely insured and as is the normal practice, our staffs have undergone all background verifications and checks and most importantly have received good on-the-job training and therefore are well-versed in whatever we are services we render.

We take a lot of care when we undertake the pressure cleaning services. If it were a commercial space, we see to that we cause minimal or no disruption to people and foot traffic and we work when the foot traffic and people are lesser. And to assist us in our services, we use whatever are the latest equipments made available in the pressure cleaning services segment. And our exacting standards have to be seen to be believed.

Who we work with:

  • Residences
  • Factory Councils
  • Body Corporate
  • Real Estate firms

Since our experience precedes our work, we can affirmatively say that whatever is the surface, whatever is the dirt, or stain, our high pressure cleaning services will take care of it completely. And therefore, if the driveway or paving is made of brick, sandstone, stone, concrete, or even timber, we say it with conviction that we will take care of it no matter what.

So practically, we can infuse new life into any of your paving and driveway, irrespective of the material. We can give a new lease of life to any surface for which high pressure cleaning is required.

If you are looking for a free no obligations free quote, then please write in to or give us a call at +61 412422844.


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